Submit Your Book Idea

Thank you for your interest in writing for the 21 Book Series!!

Here are a few things to keep in mind when putting together your book idea…

  • All of our books contain an Introduction, 21 chapters, and a conclusion.
  • The 21st chapter cannot be used as a conclusion.
  • A completed 21 Book Series book will be 6,500 words minimum – 15,000 words maximum.
  • Ideally, each chapter should be approximately 300 words – 600 words.
  • Some general 21 ideas are: 21 Tips, 21 Things, 21 Steps, 21 Ideas, 21 Places, 21 Facts, 21 Tricks, etc… 
  • We are open to 21 of whatever you want to come up with, but please specify what your 21 points are.
  • The 21 points must stay consistent.  If they are 21 steps, then make sure all 21 points are steps.
  • Chapter titles in our books should be kept short, due to the line space in the book format.

If you have an idea for a 21 Book Series book and would like us to consider publishing it, please send us the following:

  1. TERMS OF BOOK IDEA SUBMISSION acknowledgement (See below)
  2. Contact information (Including name, email, address, phone number)
  3. An author bio showing us what qualifies you to write this book (No more than 3 paragraphs)
  4. An explanation of your overall book idea (No more than 3 paragraphs and specify your 21 points)
  5. An introduction to your book (300 words minimum / 800 words maximum)
  6. 21 Chapter Titles (We realize that these may change as the book is being written)
  7. Your first chapter (300 words minimum / 800 words maximum)

Please copy and paste the following to the top page of your submission:

I agree that: (1) I am at least 18 years of age; (2) this submission and its contents have automatically become the property of 21 Book Series, without any compensation to me, unless my submitted content is approved for publishing; and (3) 21 Book Series, its owners, and employees are under no obligation to either view or approve my submitted content and may also publish future books with content similar to that which I am submitting without any compensation to me.

(Your submission will not be accepted if the above terms are not attached)
**You as the author will remain the copyright holder of your book even when it is published by us!  The terms that we require you to post are simply to prevent legal claims against us.

**We are not currently interested in book submissions based on political, religious, or social issues.

Send all items in one file in the above order
Accepted formats: PDF, .doc, .docx, mac pages format

Please email your submission to:

Upon receiving your submission, you should expect to hear from us within a few weeks, but often times sooner.  We look forward to hearing from you!!

If you have questions about writing for us and have not yet read our FAQ’s then please CLICK HERE.