Author FAQ

If you would like to take a minute to read through some of our FAQ’s, then you will learn a bit more about writing for the 21 Book Series.  If you would prefer to go straight to the SUBMIT YOUR BOOK IDEA page, then please CLICK HERE.

Q.  How old do I have to be to write a book for the 21 Book Series?

A.  You will need to be at least 18 years of age.


Q.  Will the 21 Book Series become the owner of my book content?

A.  NO!!  We are simply publishers of the book series.  While you are writing a book to fit into our series, it is not a “work for hire“.  Our publishing agreement specifically states that you as the author are the owner of your book content.


Q.  I am eager to begin writing a book for the 21 Book Series company, how long will it take to get my book idea approved?

A.  We make every effort to have a quick turn around.  In most cases, it can be as fast as one week.  However, we ask that you please allow us up to three weeks for a decision to be made regarding your book idea.


Q.  I noticed that you already have a book on a subject that I am an expert on and wanted to write about, should I even bother submitting my book idea?

A.  ABSOLUTELY!!!  While we cannot allow multiple books to have the same title, we are happy to offer our readers more than one book on any given topic.  If you notice that we already have a book on something that you would like to write about, then perhaps you should write about a different or more specific aspect of the topic than the available title.


Q.  Will I be able to sell my 21 book on my own website, at my seminars, or to my friends?

A.  We do not allow digital distribution of the book unless it is purchased from one of the approved selling sites, such as Amazon/Kindle/Barnes & Noble/etc…  However, you will certainly be able to purchase your books in print directly from us at a discounted rate.  You may then sell them on your own website, at seminars, or to your friends at full retail cost.


Q.  How do I submit my book idea?

A.  We only accept and review submissions that are completed according to our submission guidelines.  Please do not send emails with book ideas only.  If you are a serious writer and believe you have a great idea and are ready to begin writing a 21 Book, click here for book submission guidelines and instructions.


If you have further questions, please contact us!