Don’t fall through the baby gate… install it correctly

I should have taken Todd’s advice and installed the baby gate right….  The other day I tried to get through the gate to get to the little guy and I quickly pulled the latch and began to go through.  The problem was that I didn’t pull the latch far enough and the gate was still locked.  My forward motion sent me flying over the gate and, because I had not screwed the entire gate to the wall yet, the gate fell over.  Lesson:  screw the dumb gate to the wall.

From 21 Must Know Tips for New Dads:
For a while, you may be able to get away with blocking the baby in using bookshelves, chairs, or whatever else you can find laying around the house.  However, as soon as your toddler figures out how to push things out of the way, furniture will no longer work as a barricade.  You will need to invest in baby gates.  You will need to read reviews online to see what will work best in your home.  Whatever baby gates you decide to use, I do want to recommend that they are actually mounted into the wall.  This is especially recommended if you are gating the top of the stairs.  Other gates can be pushed out and do not hold very well.

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