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Attention Business Owners! Don’t Fall for These 21 Scams


Running a business is tough enough, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean that other people aren’t in the business of making it even more difficult. Advancements in technology have made it even easier for would-be scammers to easily dupe business owners

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New Release – 21 Amazing Beauty and Makeup Tips


I want to look and feel my best but I don’t want to spend a fortune in the process! I have compiled 21 amazing beauty tips that are affordable and time efficient. You can do all of these things at

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New Release – 21 Tips for Your Freshman Year


I am currently a college student who, at first, was a bit hesitant about the idea of attending my local college. Stepping out of high school and starting life in college can be a scary experience! I have good news…

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6 new books coming in the next 10 days


Our team is excited to be releasing 6 new amazing 21 books in the next 10 days!  We want to congratulate these authors in advance!  One of the books coming this week is by Janel Lucas titled, 21 Outrageous but

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NEW RELEASE! Take a ride into the past.


To know the grandeur that was American passenger train travel one needs to abandon today’s double-decker tin cans that, with a small roll and coffee, shuttle commuters to work. Or haul travelers to distant cities with a maximum of discomfort

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21 Tools and Home Repair Tips


Is the leaky faucet driving you crazy? Do you have a light switch or electrical outlet not working properly? Did you know that you can fix it yourself today? Learning just a few of the repairs in this book can

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21 Book Idea Contest – Enter Now!

21 book series book idea contest

We know that YOU know something that someone else wants to know! If it grabs our interest your idea could be the next 21 book in the series! The grand prize winner will become the author of their book idea. The best part is… You don’t have to write the book! Your idea will be turned into a 21 book by a professional ghost writer! Your name is slapped on the cover nice and big, you are credited with full copyrights and paid royalties through a publishing deal!

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A Must Read for Expectant Fathers!


Becoming a dad for the first time is both very exciting and a bit overwhelming. There are so many new things to learn and so many questions to be answered. In this book, you will discover 21 things that will

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Get the Most Out of Your Next Trip to Disney World!

Your trip to Walt Disney World can be one of the greatest vacation experiences you’ll ever have, but getting the most out of it can be a bit of a challenge. So many people aimlessly plan their Disney World trip

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21 Marketing Tips Available Now!


Buy now on Kindle! I have pinpointed 21 important strategies and tips to help you get more customers and keep more money in your pocket. Great marketing does not have to cost a fortune and I am going to show

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