Diana M. Evans

Diana M. Evans was born and raised in Miami where she received a bachelors degree in criminal justice, went to law school for a time, and then decided she wanted to make money.  At the age of 4, she traveled with her father, who was an amazing salesman and taught her everything she knows about selling.  Diana quit law school and went into sales, where she’s been a top-grossing free-lance sales rep ever since. Along with other members of her family, she has a successful decorative accessories sales firm in Florida, and gives sales-training seminars and sales advice to small firms.

21 Outside Sales Tips from the Queen of the Road is a humorous how-to road manual about road sales.  No one actually teaches new reps how to sell on the road; they are simply thrown to the wolves and have to sink or swim on their own.  Queen takes a new rep through the process step by step from start to finish in an entertaining manner.

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