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21 Tools and Home Repair Tips


Is the leaky faucet driving you crazy? Do you have a light switch or electrical outlet not working properly? Did you know that you can fix it yourself today? Learning just a few of the repairs in this book can

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21 Book Idea Contest – Enter Now!

21 book series book idea contest

We know that YOU know something that someone else wants to know! If it grabs our interest your idea could be the next 21 book in the series! The grand prize winner will become the author of their book idea. The best part is… You don’t have to write the book! Your idea will be turned into a 21 book by a professional ghost writer! Your name is slapped on the cover nice and big, you are credited with full copyrights and paid royalties through a publishing deal!

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21 Things to Consider Before You Get a Cat


Are you considering getting a cat as the new family pet?  If so, there are quite a few things to consider first; 21 to be exact!  In this book, Tom Howard will help you consider whether or not a cat

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Do you want a truly baby safe home?… get the LIST!

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Secure with latches all cabinets and drawers containing cleansers, glassware, knives, electrical appliances, foil, and plastic wrap. Avoid using cleaning products with spicy and fruity scents, which may attract a child. And be sure to put away all cleaning products or other potentially harmful items immediately after you use them.

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Don’t fall through the baby gate… install it correctly

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I should have taken Todd’s advice and installed the baby gate right….  The other day I tried to get through the gate to get to the little guy and I quickly pulled the latch and began to go through.  The

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What is your cats name?

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 9.48.49 AM

This week’s new release is all about CATS!  That’s right!  So, if you are considering a cat as a pet, you need to wait till Friday and read Tom’s new book! If you already have a cat, Tom wants to

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Press Release – New Book About the NFL

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Cincinnati, Ohio, November 6- Author and columnist, Marc Hoover, has just released his second book entitled, “21 Things You Gotta Know About the NFL: For Those Who Just Don’t Get it!”  This book is geared toward those who simply don’t

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1 Month Pregnant: Advice for Dad

Get Todd's advice if you are going to be a new dad!

See on – What Is 21? You found out she’s pregnant, now are you ready to find out what the next nine-months will bring? Check out this expectant father’s survival guide.   21bookseries‘s insight: When I found out that

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Are you a Football Widow?

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Don’t wait until the football season is over!!!  Marc’s book is a quick and easy read for serious NFL fans and anyone interested in becoming an NFL fan. The NFL is known for creating “football widows” and “football junkies.” Football

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A Survival Guide for the Football Widow

Just read the book and really understand the NFL

See on – What Is 21? 21 Book Series   21bookseries‘s insight: Marc Hoover’s new 21 book is right on target with this article…. Check it out at See on

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