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There’s 21 for Everything!

There's 21 For Everything!!

21 Book Series is a series of books that provides key information such as; tips, facts, ways, how to’s, and much more on a wide variety of topics and niches. It is our goal to provide quality content and pertinent

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Must Read Parenting Advice from School Teacher Grant Richardson


The purpose of this book is to give parents or prospective parents a quick, short summary of some of the time tested tools, techniques, labor and wisdom required to raise children with high character. By most accounts, character is in

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Attention Business Owners! Don’t Fall for These 21 Scams


Running a business is tough enough, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean that other people aren’t in the business of making it even more difficult. Advancements in technology have made it even easier for would-be scammers to easily dupe business owners

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New Release – 21 Amazing Beauty and Makeup Tips


I want to look and feel my best but I don’t want to spend a fortune in the process! I have compiled 21 amazing beauty tips that are affordable and time efficient. You can do all of these things at

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New Release – 21 Tips for Your Freshman Year


I am currently a college student who, at first, was a bit hesitant about the idea of attending my local college. Stepping out of high school and starting life in college can be a scary experience! I have good news…

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6 new books coming in the next 10 days


Our team is excited to be releasing 6 new amazing 21 books in the next 10 days!  We want to congratulate these authors in advance!  One of the books coming this week is by Janel Lucas titled, 21 Outrageous but

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Feature: Historic Train Book Published by Nevada City writer Don Baumgart

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Don’s new book on Train Rides into the past is featured in an article!  – Click here to read

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NEW RELEASE! Take a ride into the past.


To know the grandeur that was American passenger train travel one needs to abandon today’s double-decker tin cans that, with a small roll and coffee, shuttle commuters to work. Or haul travelers to distant cities with a maximum of discomfort

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You can be next!

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Your idea can become a reality with 21. Watch this short video by clicking on this post!

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21 Insights to Support and Connect with Your Autistic Child


Although each child with autism is different, the overall challenges, struggles and needs remain the same. In this book, Angela helps you understand early on how to help and support your child, as well as get the help and support that you need. The information is empowering and the professional jargon is left out. Angela’s personal advice and understanding is contained in these pages to help you cope and succeed in the years to come. Within this book, you will find an introduction to autism, what you can expect and common difficulties experienced in the areas of communication, socialization, behaviors and sensory issues. Angela teaches you how to support each area in the home and shows you how to develop unique parenting skills needed to successfully communicate with your child. You will be able to measure success, pinpoint common mistakes and successfully connect to the best support agencies, service providers and parent support groups.

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