21logored30021 Book Series is a series of books that provides key information such as; tips, facts, ways, how to’s, and much more on a wide variety of topics and niches.  It is our goal to provide quality content and pertinent information for our readers on almost any topic through quick and easy to read books.  Our books are available in a variety of formats such as; e-books, printed, and some are available as audio books.

We are a constantly growing company and we are always interested in more books.  Are you an expert or highly knowledgeable in a particular subject/niche?  If so, have you ever considered writing a book?  We provide the resources you will need to make your book a reality.  Even if you don’t think you have what it takes to write a book, CLICK HERE to find out more!  You will be surprised at how simple we make the writing process for you.




The 21 Book Series is now a part of the Fascinating World of Random!  

Todd Anderson & Eric Michael Roberts have been best friends since junior high school. They share a common interest in music, business, marketing, and book writing/publishing. They have each published books and teaching programs that sell worldwide on a daily basis.  Check out their YouTube show and online store at the Fascinating World of Random.  If you are considering becoming a writer for the 21 Book Series, you can rest assured that Todd & Eric know how to reach the masses with your published book!