21 Tips From an Irish Bartender

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00005]Visiting bars and clubs can be confusing and expensive, and if you don’t know what to do or how to order, you will spend money unnecessarily, be treated without due respect, and not have the kind of positive experience you deserve.

Steve has spent a ton of time on both sides of the bar. For several years he was a regular bar customer. Once he got on the other side he realized that what he had been doing was not conducive to getting good service. The relationship between a bartender and customer is very important. Now you can fully understand this simple but complex relationship.

After reading this bartenders advice, you will:

  • Learn how to recognize genuinely professional bartenders
  • Understand why the customer is king
  • Learn what to do if you do not receive the service you deserve
  • Understand how common sense bar etiquette and an understanding of basic bar terminology will ensure better service
  • Learn how to spot dishonest bartenders and how to test their honesty
  • Know exactly what to do when your bartender winks
  • Understand how to get a good deal when you order a drink
  • Learn how to tell if you are in a genuinly Irish bar
  • Learn how you can stock your home bar like a pro
  • Much, much more!!

Imbibing should be a fun experience, and Steve makes it fun with a fresh and friendly Irish writing style directly the reader through insight after insight. For many people, the bar scene is very confusing, but Steve’s book makes what seems complex become understandable through a breezy, conversational, easy-to-read book. Steve’s funny personal experiences complement this great information get you ready for your next night out at a great bar.

Read this 21 Book Series book before you hit the bar this weekend… You will never look at your bartender the same again!

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