21 Tips on Raising A Happy, Well-adjusted Dog

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00005]For those among us who love dogs, it’s difficult to exaggerate the joy man’s best friend brings to our lives.  We pamper them as one of our own children.  We spare no expense in spoiling them with treats and lavishing them with attention. When we encounter a canine of another kindred spirit, we give ourselves away instantly by excitedly squeaking out adoring phrases in that silly voice reserved for our own dogs.  Putting words into their mouths is our favorite pastime. Letting them up on the bed is our favorite exercise in exception-making. Still, despite all these traits of devotion and affection us, that does not always guarantee that we know all there is to know about training a pet and raising them to be happy, well-adjusted dogs.  Love alone will not turn your puppy into the perfect dog, but knowledge of the dos-and don’ts, along with diligent preparation can go a long way in ensuring that you and your dog have a happy and harmonious relationship.  Let these 21 steps guide you in raising the happiest of hounds, the most perfect pooches, the quintessential canine nurtured to bring you many years of joy.


About the Author

ernie-websmallMy name is John Delagrange and I have owned and trained dogs all my life.  I learned I had a knack for it when neighbors started approaching me to ask what miracle I had performed to keep our dog Ernie in the yard.  They wonder how he can so freely peruse the confines of the yard with no sign of a leash or chain to restrain him, wearing only a run-of-the-mill leather collar.  Where is that boxy necktie of torture that all dogs with such free reign of their yards typically have?  No electronic dog fence? How in the world do you get your dog to stay in the yard like that?

I never saw anything miraculous in it, but growing up I did notice the daily stress my friend’s family endured as they madly restrained poor Rusty every time someone dared open the door.

         “Somebody grab Rusty.   I’m leaving!”

Now and again, someone (having a momentary lapse of reason, of course)  would open the door when an unrestrained Rusty was nearby.  Without fail, full-blown, ear-splitting chaos followed.  They all knew that if Rusty got out, then the next hour at best would be spent tracking him down.

Well, eventually Rusty was struck by a car during what  would be his last flight. Sadly, that short spell of freedom was probably among Rusty’s happiest moments as the vast majority of his life previously was spent under house arrest.

I’m here to help stories like Rusty’s become a thing of the past.