21 Marketing Tips to Catapult Your Business to the Top

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00005]In this book, author Eric Michael Roberts pinpoints 21 important strategies and tips to help you get more customers and keep more money in your pocket. Great marketing does not have to cost a fortune and Eric is going to show you exactly how to market yourself to the top! Your business will grow steadily and you will annihilate your competition with less than a 5% marketing budget.

The plan begins and ends with three simple words: Know. Like. Trust. Read this book before your competition does. If you need to make more money in your business but can’t afford expensive marketing campaigns and marketing consultants, this is the book for you!

These amazing techniques work together for all types of small businesses including service businesses and small retail stores! Only the top business owners have discovered theses techniques and use them every day to drive sales and keep customers coming back! No matter what niche you are working in or what type of customers you have, you can increase your sales and customer base when you follow my simple proven techniques.

How does Eric know this stuff works???
Using these twenty-one techniques in his own service business, he started from scratch and has doubled his customer base every year that he has been in business. This amazing 21 book series book reveals step-by-step how he achieved this and shows you how to duplicate his success.

Catapult your business to the top and smash your competitors will show you:
• Easy web site design and tricks
• Search Engine Magic Tricks
• Getting repeat customers every time
• Cheap effective marketing tips you can do on your own
• How to work for high visibility clients
• How to get A+ reviews and use them
• What marketing works and what things don’t
• How to do amazing marketing with less than 5% of your income

Now it is your turn!

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