21 Amazing Tips for Your Freshman Year

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00005]I am currently a college student who, at first, was a bit hesitant about the idea of attending my local college. Stepping out of high school and starting life in college can be a scary experience!  I have good news… college is awesome!  Whether you decide to stay close to home or travel a thousand miles away, you need to know how to thrive in your new environment.  I need to pass along what I have learned and wish I knew as an entering freshman. I want you to enjoy your college experience and I know you will!

I show you the college basics such as how to deal with tuition and payments and how to choose the best professors and classes.  I touch on social topics such as how to make friends and find community.  The most important thing I share with you is how you can grow to thoroughly enjoy the college experience.

You don’t have to repeat my crazy mistakes like spending countless hours in line to no avail.  Don’t loose money buying the wrong book and not be able to return it when the class is over!

I learned all of this the hard way my entire freshman year.  Take my advice and learn the ropes before you even start your first day of college!  My book is simple and to the point. My book is through but don’t worry- it’s not a boring textbook!

About the Author

Elizabeth is a college student who once hated the thought of attending her local school. She now is thoroughly enjoying her academic career. Elizabeth’s passion is songwriting and creative writing. She dreams of someday having her songs heard and her books read. However, her life goal is not fame- but to walk as Jesus walked, live as He lived, love as He loved, and inspire others.

To contact Elizabeth please email her at ssea4friends@gmail.com